A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is put in your jaw to replace a tooth. They are made in a screw shape and are made of titanium because titanium is light in weight, strong and biocompatible hence the body will not reject it. Titanium is the best metal to use in the body, it is widely used in dentistry and also in orthopedic joint replacements. A major advantage of using titanium is because it easily fuses with the bone. This property is called osseointegration and it is an important property that prevents further loss of the bone. When a tooth is lost, the supporting bone begins to disintegrate but when a dental implant is placed it prevents the loss of the supporting bone and the dental fixture is able to maintain the jawbone's size and shape.

These prosthetic teeth are good for people who have lost their teeth either through injury or periodontal gum disease. They are much like natural teeth as long as they are given the required dental care. If they are not given good care then they will develop a coating that develops into a gum infection and bleeding just like natural teeth. Dental Implants in Perth offer a permanent solution compared to dentures and bridges that have been used traditionally. The following are some of the benefits of using dental implants:

They give you an improved appearance because they are fused with the bone and therefore you will have a permanent and natural look.Dental implants ensure that you are able to pronounce all words which ensure that you have improved speech. When dentures are not well fitted, they can cause certain words to slip from your mouth. Dental implants are the best since it is highly unlikely that the whole tooth might slip.

They ensure your overall oral health. Damaged teeth can sometimes transfer their infections to healthy teeth. Implants will prevent the loss of the jawbone when they fill up the empty spaces. So, a person will unlikely to have dental issues.They are very convenient because they are permanent, unlike dentures that need to be replaced time and time again.

Dental implant make it easier to eat and chew food. If one lost a tooth it becomes difficult and cumbersome to chew food but with permanent implants, they are able to chew food without pain and with confidence. They help to build someone's confidence and self-esteem. Having bad teeth is really embarrassing and people often feel ashamed to even speak around people. Get insights into some common dental problems that may affect you: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/09/28/common-dental-problems-_n_5844434.html.
A Guide to Dental Implants
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